Soup is coming

"The last time I get incrediblePleasure from soup with pestilence (one-year-old herbaceous plant of the family of lobsters with small juicy leaves), "says Rosemary Gladstar, founder of the California School for the Study of Medicinal Plants and author of" Herbal Medicine for Women. " - This soup was prepared by my grandmother, who made me eat a little - instead of a medicine. In addition to portolac, she added amaranth and stellate, a little onion and garlic to the broth. "It's just a healing soup," she would usually say. "

Picking up ingredients for your culinaryWorks, Grandmother Gladstar relied only on the sixth sense, and after a while scientific studies confirmed that the portolac can be attributed to natural immunomodulators or biologically active additives. The herb portolaka contains glucose, sucrose, galactose, vitamins C and K, E, PP, carotene and other valuable substances. Of course, in the farms of the central part of Russia, you can meet a lobster gardener, but most often not only do not grow it, but simply do not know how to get rid of this "contagion" that clogs the whole garden and grows just everywhere.

Secret materials

Probably every family has its own little onesSecrets - recipes of dishes that have been inherited and help cope with colds. For example, my grandmother from Russia believed in the healing power of borsch with beets, cabbage, carrots, which necessarily added onion and lemon. He went out in her incredibly thick and bright - because of the colorful vegetables. Today, borsch can be referred to the category of antioxidant soups.

And in my parents' house the main medicineWas considered a soup on chicken broth - my parents jokingly called him "Jewish penicillin" and forced to eat as soon as a cold appeared. Most recently, a team of scientists at the University of Nebraska explained why such a soup facilitates the course of the disease - although it does not cure it. "Chicken broth has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and the nasopharynx," says one of the scientists and adds: "If you have chicken noodles cooked, do not refuse, because a bowl of soup is a guarantee of good health." It is interesting that the scientific supervisor, who headed the team, used the recipe for noodles given to him by his wife's grandmother during his research.

While preparing this material, I collected a hugeThe amount of information about the healing properties of soups with vegetables, herbs and spices, and it seemed to me that scientists and grandmothers all over the world simply conspired. At least in almost all articles about soups scientific evidence was provided that they strengthen the immune system. Now I know what to do when my friends begin to fall ill - I'll cook them what my grandmother prescribed!

The Holy Trinity

Susan View, author of the Wise Woman Herbal book series,Believes that soup is not just delicious food, but also a quick and effective way to fight the virus. "Soups and stews containing beneficial substances and vitamins are well absorbed and help the body quickly cope with a cold," explains Vid. Especially rich in vitamins and minerals are soups with onions, garlic, cabbage, seaweed, forest mushrooms, beets, carrots, parsnips or turnips, and dried Siberian ginseng and ginger.

Jeffrey Blumberg, a professor at Tufts University,A specialist in healthy nutrition, says: "Scientific research and our life experience confirm that there are products that have antibacterial properties. It is enough to conduct an experiment with an extract of garlic or curcumin (a substance contained in turmeric and staining it in yellow): drip the garlic extract into an unfavorable environment, and then observe the reaction. " In general, garlic, a well-known natural antibiotic, is found in soup recipes from virtually all countries - from Spain and Thailand to Louisiana. "But the functions of the immune system are not limited only to protection from viruses," adds Blumberg.

"When I feel unwell, I tryAdd ginger and garlic to the soup, - says the well-known author of culinary recipes, Rebecca Wood. - Ginger improves blood circulation and digestion, and garlic has disinfectant properties. You can also use kombu (edible seaweed) or shiitake and turmeric. " I, like Wood, often use ginger, garlic and turmeric in the winter. I called their combination "holy trinity" and add them usually to Indian dal and broths with Asian noodles.

Susan View each time experimenting, addingIn the soup is always different ingredients. For example, when she cooks soup in a pot, throws in there greens or some root vegetable - and recommends following her example to those who need strength, especially cancer patients. "I usually add to the soup a variety of roots, because in each of them a unique set of minerals," says View. - To the body does not give failures and was resistant to various viruses, it is necessary to use more curative roots. After all, popular diets today usually can not boast of a special variety of minerals and vitamins. " The species also takes seriously the treatment of herbs - often it adds mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, marjoram or sage to the soup. "I do not sprinkle them as a seasoning, but I add it as a separate ingredient," she says. Essential oils that are found in herbs, for example thymol in oregano, have antimicrobial properties and are considered powerful antioxidants.

Irreplaceable are

During the epidemic of colds, it is important not toJust pick up certain vegetables, but also monitor their quality. Anna-Maria Kolbin, a specialist in healthy nutrition and author of the book "Food and treatment", advises to purchase organic products. "The state of our body largely depends on the quality of the products. And we sometimes underestimate the damage caused to the body by vegetables with a high content of nitrates, as well as sugar, pastries, hydrogenated vegetable fats, which are not of particular value, but are very difficult for the stomach, "says Anna-Maria Kolbin. "And when you're unwell, it's best to cook something light."

If you can not diversify your diet and haveYou do not have time to cook, then you need to take a multivitamin and dietary supplements (dietary supplements). However, both doctors and nutritionists agree on one thing: fresh fruits and vegetables can not be replaced by anything. "When it comes to dietary supplements," says Blumberg, "do not forget that dietary supplements are just additives, not substitutes for fruits and vegetables." And yet, natural products contain, for example, phyto-substances (biologically active compounds) and flavonoids, necessary for the body.

Sixth Sense

According to Rebecca Wood, if you startThen the body will tell you what you need. I will give one example. Once in the winter my boys caught a cold, Matthew asked him to make him a tea with honey, and Jack - carrot soup. I prepared light ginger tea and carrot soup with onion and oregano. Nobody ever explained to Matthew that ginger improves digestion, and honey has antimicrobial properties. Jack did not even guess that carrots are so rich in vitamins A and C. But both had the feeling that it was these products that would help them to get back on their feet.

However, it is not necessary to count only on the hint, and everyone should know about what products are useful to him, and which are not.

And again I will return to my grandmother's borshch: It turns out I have a rich burgundy color, and I always add a lot of sour cream and bio-yogurt to it. Now I can explain why borsch is so useful: beetroot is rich in vitamins A and C, antioxidant substances, fiber and phyto-substances. But I cook it the same way as my grandmother did fifty years ago, who had never heard of phyto-substances or antioxidants. "These recipes have been tested for centuries. And I must say that the medicinal properties of herbs and roots are not something self-evident, it is a phenomenon that should be treated as a gift of nature, "Jeffrey Blumberg believes.

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