5 most useful legumes

Guess the riddle: Nourishing, tasty, rich in protein, fiber, low-calorie and really useful? That's right - beans! They took a worthy place in dietetics and in the vegetarian food system (as the richest source of vegetable protein). However, their amazing properties do not end there. Each species has its own super abilities. Want to know what? Then read our bean guide.

  1. White beans help the heart. One of her main merits is that sheHelps to heal the heart and blood vessels: it serves the prevention of diseases, prevents heart attack, provides a normal heart rhythm, lowers cholesterol in the blood and cleans vessels - this is due in particular to the high content of potassium in it. And, of course, this is an excellent option for those who want to lose weight and normalize food. White beans improve digestion, and nutritionists advise eating it at least twice a week.
  2. Chickpea - fighting with diabetes. If sugar is your worst enemy, then chickpea -Valiant defender. In chick-pea there is a lot of fiber that helps to stabilize blood sugar level, and also reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes. Due to its low glycemic index, it prevents the intestinal absorption of sugar. Eat it just like that, add to soups and salads, cook hummus - make chickpeas welcome in your kitchen.
  3. Lentils - fighting cancer. In opposition to cancerous diseases lentils -champion. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Cancer, women who regularly eat lentils are less likely to have breast cancer. The results of other studies show that lentils are an important component in nutrition for prostate cancer. This is due to the large amount of selenium that stops the growth of tumors.
  4. TOBean beans - fight against aging. High content of antioxidants and omega-3Makes red beans the best friend of women. Nutritionists recommend eating at least three glasses of red beans a week to stay young as long as possible. Another significant advantage is its ability to improve cognitive ability, prevent Alzheimer's. Red beans are especially recommended for older people.
  5. Black beans are food for the brain. This type of bean helps to improveBrain activity thanks to the huge amount of vitamins it contains: magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus ... But be careful - of all beans this is the most caloric variety.

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