Chaturanga dandasana
Technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your stomach and place your palms on the mat on both sides of your chest.
  2. Bend your toes and strain the thigh muscles. Pull the waist up and push the palms away from the floor, activating the muscles of the upper back. At this stage, only the abdominal muscles should touch the floor.
  3. Now, use the muscles of the press and completely tear off the body from the rug. Keep your bent elbows and shoulders on the same level.
  4. Do not round the upper back and do not bend the body, otherwise you risk performing a hammock pose sinking to the floor.
  5. Keep the Chaturanga as much as you can keep the body in the right position.
  6. To rest, drop your stomach on the rug, and then try again.
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