Technique of execution:

  1. Stand in Tadasanu (The pose of the Mountain), dividing the feet a little less than the width of the shoulders.
  2. Squat and lean forward, pushing the hull between your hips.
  3. Keeping your shoulders as low as possible, stretch your legs and lift the pelvis.
  4. Take the left hand behind the left thigh so that the upper part of it is behind the knee, put the palm on the floor from the outer edge of the left foot.
  5. Repeat the entire sequence of movements on the right side.
  6. Push your hands as close as possible to the topHips, and legs - as close as possible to the shoulder joints. To tear off the feet from the floor, strongly press your hands to the rug and begin to slowly transfer the weight of the body from the feet to your hands. Legs will become easier and easier and eventually come off the floor.
  7. As you exhale, straighten your legs as far as possible.
  8. Pull the pads under the toes of the feet forward, but pull the fingers themselves and dilute them in the sides.
  9. Direct the inner edges of the feet away from yourself, and the outer ones to yourself.
  10. Now straighten your arms.
  11. Raise the center of the palms from the floor, and your fingers,On the contrary, press and actively draw. Make sure that the body weight is evenly distributed between the outer and inner edges of the palms. As a rule, it is shifted to the external parts of the hands. To avoid this, hold the base of your thumb and forefinger firmly against the floor. This action also helps to include the muscles of the forearms, shoulders and chest.
  12. Point the sternum to the spine.
  13. Round the upper back and spread the shoulder blades to the sides.
  14. Without straining your neck, lift your head and look forward. Breathe calmly and stay in the pose for at least 15 seconds.

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