Technique of execution:

  1. Stand upright, feet together.
  2. Bend the legs in the knees so that the hips are parallel to the floor.
  3. Take the left elbow by the right thigh. Do not strain oblique abdominal muscles.
  4. On exhalation, curl to the right, pushing the lower ribs from the left side as close as possible to the right thigh.
  5. Try to lower your left elbow as low as possible and touch the thigh with the outer side of the upper arm.
  6. Pull the thoracic spine and pull the right shoulder back to curl even deeper. With each exhalation, repeat this movement until you reach your limit.
  7. Lower the pelvis down so that it is only a few centimeters from the heels, and press the palms to the floor, placing them on the width of the shoulders. The bulk of the weight is still on the feet.
  8. Slowly lift the pelvis and push it to the right, keeping the contact between the left arm and the right thigh.
  9. Move the weight of the body on your hands until the feet are not very light. Close your feet and raise your heels.
  10. On exhalation, relax the oblique abdominal muscles and get ready for twisting.
  11. With a force, aim the left side of the pelvis down and tear off the feet from the floor.
  12. Fully straighten the right arm, the left one can be slightly bent.
  13. Twist the spine. Raise the chest and head, look forward. Breathe quietly.
  14. Hold in position for at least 10 seconds, then perform asana in the other direction.

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