Technique of execution:

  1. Squat down. Hold the feet together, and put the palms in front of you on the width of the shoulders. Firmly press against the floor with your hands, transfer the weight of the body to them.
  2. Dilute your knees and tilt the body slightly forward.
  3. Lift the pelvis from the floor, keeping the weight of the body on the palms. Balance.
  4. Bend your hands slightly in the elbows. Press yourself.
  5. Take a breath, and on exhalation, slowly and slowly tilt the body forward and gently try to tear your toes off the floor. If the body weight on the palms, then balancing you gently tear the feet off the floor.
  6. Stay in the asana 7 breaths-exhalations (if you fall - rise again).
  7. Compensate your wrists - press your hands with your backs to the rug.
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