Technique of execution:


  1. Stand in Tadasanu (Mount Pose) and place your hands on your hips.
  2. On exhalation, lean forward, making this movement from the hip joints, and not from the waist.
  3. Lower the body lower and lower, lengthen the front surface of the body from the groin itself and increase the space from the pubic bone to the hollow between the collarbones.
  4. Without bending your knees, place the tipsFingers or palms in front of the feet or on either side of them. You can also grab the back surfaces of your ankles with your hands. If you can not accept any of these positions, place your forearms against each other and grab your elbows with your hands.
  5. As follows, press the heels to the floor and raise the ischium bones up to the ceiling.
  6. Slightly wrap the upper parts of the thighs inwards.
  7. With each breath, gently lift and lengthen the front surface of the body.
  8. With each exhalation, lean deeper.
  9. In this case, the body begins almost imperceptiblyMove in with your breath. Allow the head to hang down, letting it go from the very base of the neck (it is located deep in the upper back between the shoulder blades).
  10. Stay in the asana from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  11. Leaving the pose, move the palms on the hips and again extend the front surface of the body.
  12. Point the coccyx down to the heels and pull it inward.
  13. Continuing to lengthen the body, take a breath with an inspiration.

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