Upavistha Conasana
Technique of execution

  1. Sit in Dandasana (Staff posture) and spread your legs about 90 degrees or wider if you can keep your back straight.
  2. If the pelvis falls on the rump, sit on the pedestal.
  3. Place your hands on both sides of your pelvis.
  4. Pushing them away from the floor, lift the body and open the chest.
  5. Press the heels to the floor and tighten your knees.
  6. The upper part of the thigh, the center of the knee and the toes should be on the same line and look up.
  7. You need to sit so that the center of the crotch is facing the floor: do not swing back or forward.
  8. Hold in this position for several cycles of breathing.
  9. Lean forward and grab your thumbs, thumbs and middle fingers with your big toes.
  10. Extend the body, removing the sternum from the pelvis.
  11. Do not tear off the back surface of the feet from the floor.
  12. Without violating this position, lean lower, trying to put the stomach and forehead on the floor.
  13. Remain in posture for at least 5-7 cycles of breathing, then with inspiration rise.
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