Technique of execution:

Janu Shirshasana

  1. Sit on the edge of the folded blanket and pull your legs forward. With your hands, take the buttocks back and sides, make sure that you sit on the ischium.
  2. Bend the right leg in the knee and place the heelNext to the left inner groin, as close as possible to the perineum. Allow the knee of the bent leg to fall to the right. If the hip does not touch the floor, place a brick or folded blanket under it.
  3. Straighten your back, the pelvis is turned forward.
  4. Bend the left leg, then pull it out, sliding with a heel along the floor, fingers and knee facing up to the ceiling. On exhalation, press the sciatic bones to the support, and on inhaling, pull the spine upward.
  5. Gently unfold the chest to the left and move the right hand to the outer side of the left foot. Let the palm touch the hip, knee or ankle.
  6. Inhale and stretch the spine, on exhalationBend, moving from the pelvis, giving the sacrum forward, and the pubic bone back. Try to maintain a natural light bend in the lower back, pushing your right hand toward the little finger of your left foot.
  7. Grab the foot with both hands or attach a belt to it. Do not strain your face, throat and shoulders.
  8. Leaning deeper, raise the elbows to the sides, so that the area of ​​the clavicles remains open. Actively stretch the left leg, including the work of the quadriceps. Keep your knee looking straight up.
  9. Now concentrate on breathing and tryRelease the tension. Watch how the body rises slightly during inspiration and falls lower with each exhalation. Direct exhalations to the rib area from the side of the back, the back of the thigh and those areas of the body where stiffness and tension are still felt. If you grab a foot with your hands, pull its outer edge a little to yourself.
  10. As the slope becomes deeper,Point the lower ribs to the left thigh, keep the head on one line with the spine, the look is still soft. If possible, grab the left wrist of your right wrist.
  11. Having reached the maximum extension, stop. Stay in the pose for 10 breaths. Try to get rid of tension completely.
  12. To get out of the pose, lower your hands to the floor on theBoth sides of the pelvis and gently lift the body. Repeat the whole sequence of actions in the other direction. If, sitting in the position of Jan Shirshasany on the floor without support, you easily stretch upward, and the sacrum and waist region are retracted - you can try to perform the pose without additional materials.

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