Technique of execution:

  1. Stand in Tadasanu (The pose of the Mountain).
  2. On exhalation, lean forward to Uttanasana (Tilt forward from standing position).
  3. On the next exhalation, step forward with your left foot so that the right leg is bent at the right angle in the knee.
  4. Lower the body (from the pubic to the sternum) down, aligning its center line along the center line of the right thigh (space from the knee to the fold between the pelvis and the thigh).
  5. Place the hands on the right knee: the left palm on the inside, and the right hand on the outside.
  6. Squeeze the knee with your hands, slightly lift the body up and on the exhalation, turn it slightly to the right.
  7. Pull your arms forward parallel to the floor, unfolding your palms to each other.
  8. On exhalation with force, direct the head of the right femur back and actively press the right heel to the floor.
  9. Straighten the right leg, while tearing off the left from the floor.
  10. Lifting the left leg up, pull the coccyx into thePelvis. As a rule, the disciples enter Virabhadrasana III, "diving" forward. As a result, the body weight is shifted to the pads under the fingers of the right foot, and the balance in the pose is disrupted. Therefore, do not tilt the body forward, instead straighten the right leg in the knee, mentally pushing the head of the femur back. This aligns the position of the femur in the hip joint, strengthens the heel pressure on the floor and gives stability to the position. Hands, body and left leg should be relatively parallel to the floor. Many pelvis "falls" forward. To avoid this, point the left side of the pelvis to the floor until the hip joints on both sides align with each other and are parallel to the floor.
  11. Activate your left leg and pull it toward the back wall.
  12. With the same force, stretch your arms forward.
  13. Lift your head slightly and look forward, without squeezing the back of your neck.
  14. Remain in this position for 30-60 seconds.
  15. On exhalation, lower the left heel to the floor.
  16. Lower your palms to the floor on either side of the right foot.
  17. With the next exhalation, step forward with your left foot and place it next to the right one.
  18. Hold in a slant for several cycles of breathing.
  19. After this, follow the pose with the other leg.

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