Urdhva Mukha Shvansana
Technique of execution:

  1. Lie on your stomach and place your palms on either side of your chest, your fingers facing forward.
  2. Arrange stops on the width of the pelvis.
  3. Rest your feet and feet on the floor.
  4. Point the coccyx to the heels and draw the lower abdomen inward towards the spine.
  5. On inspiration, tear off the whole body from the floor, except for the palms and feet, entering the Dog's pose with the muzzle up.
  6. Try not to strain the buttocks - this can lead to compression in the sacrum. Stretch your legs well and feel the awakened energy rising up and charging the spine.
  7. Align your hands so that the weight is evenly distributed between the palms and wrists.
  8. While directing the chest forward, expand and lift it upward.
  9. Point the area of ​​the clavicles upward as if you wanted to raise them above shoulder level.
  10. Lower the shoulder blades down along the back.
  11. Point the lower parts of the blades toward each other and pull them inward.
  12. Lower your shoulders down and take them back: these movements will help lift the chest above.
  13. Align the position of the head - it should be located strictly above the shoulders - and look straight ahead. Keep the natural curve of the neck.
  14. Stay in the pose for 3 to 6 cycles of breathing. Then gently drop to the floor and relax in Balasan.

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