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In the East, sandalwood, as well as cypressAnd cedar, is considered sacred. Nature has endowed him with healing power and a charming sweet aroma. Since ancient times, sandalwood is used as an anti-inflammatory drug. Masks with the addition of sandalwood oil or powder have a cooling effect and quickly remove irritation. They are usually used for pitta-type skin care, which tends to tend to acne (acne), or, on the contrary, can be too dry. Rinita Malhotra, Ayurvedic physician, advises the owner of the problem skin to apply a mask of turmeric powder and sandalwood on her face. It heals the skin, helping to get rid of toxins. "Take a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and dilute it with distilled water, then add a pinch of turmeric and two tablespoons of cream. Stir until a homogeneous mass is formed. Apply the mixture on the entire face or only on inflamed skin and leave for 20-30 minutes. When the mask begins to dry, wash it off with cool water. "

Sandalwood oil is thick like syrup. Its velvety aroma soothes the mind and creates a sense of peace. "Usually, during the Ayurvedic massage, this oil is applied to marmas, biologically active points," notes cosmetologist Sonia Mazokko. Sandalwood evaporates for four hours. Therefore, it is often used as a basis for relaxing compositions.

In order to relieve tension and neutralizeThe effects of stress, Pratima Raichur, author of Absolute Beauty, recommends mixing five drops of sandalwood oil, a drop of jasmine oil and 30 grams of jojoba oil, and rub the resulting mixture into the wrists. Sandalwood oil can be used to prepare a refreshing aroma spray. Pour into a small bottle with an atomizer 100 ml of distilled water and add five drops of sandalwood oil. Take a spray in the office or for a walk on a warm spring day.

Aromatic bath with sandal oil is excellentRelieves stress and is useful to almost everyone. Although hot-tempered pittas do not make the water too hot. When choosing sandalwood oil, do not rely on the sense of smell. "Natural oil does not have a sharp, saturated smell. They are usually famous for synthetic counterfeits, - says Sonia Mazhko. "The scent of this sandal is not immediately apparent." To permanently preserve the properties of the healing tree, store both powder and oil in glass, not plastic bottles, away from fire and sunlight.

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