Spring call

How pleasant it is to stop during the springWalk and breathe in the scent of flowers. But if the time of flowering does not promise anything but a runny nose and watery eyes, it's time to start fighting with an allergy, calling on the Ayurvedic ally.

Ayurveda claims: The true cause of allergy is the accumulation of ama (in Sanskrit, "what causes harm and gives a sense of weakness"). Ama is a sticky poisonous substance that is formed as a result of malnutrition and the weakness of the digestive fire. From the digestive tract, the blood carries the amu throughout the body, and it settles in the tissues, blocking the blood ducts. In an effort to protect the body from toxins, the immune system is overloaded. It aggressively attacks even such innocent matters as plant pollen. As a result, the body's defense systems are further weakened, and there simply is not enough strength to fight the real enemy.

Spring - the most difficult time for those whoIs susceptible to allergies. The fact is that during this period kapha-dosha is most active. The heavy, cold and viscous properties of kapha impede the natural processes of cleansing the body and reduce the activity of the digestive fire. All this favors the appearance of ama, and hence allergies.

Ayurvedic doctors treat allergies in severalStages: first the digestive fire is ignited, then the ama is burned with the help of an individual diet. The final stage is the rehabilitation and restoration of the immune system.

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