Lunar day

The fast is an integral part of religious andHealth practices. This accessible and, perhaps, the most effective way of physical, mental and spiritual purification, usually involves abstaining from food and excessive activity, as well as solitude, communication with nature, reading prayers or mantras.

In India, the posts are synchronized with the lunarCalendar and are called Ekadasi, which in Sanskrit means "the eleventh lunar day". Ayurveda enjoins them to observe them every two weeks on the appropriate day of the growing and waning moon. This practice is mandatory for all those who belong to the higher castes.

The guard

On the eve of the "unloading day" a lightFood, it is important that at the time of going to bed, it is completely digested. On the day of Ekadashi, it is best to refrain from any food and water, but if such limitations are not possible - drink water. In extreme cases, you can drink fresh juices and eat fruits. And with a weak digestion it is better to bake the fruits (especially apples), dried fruits - to soak in water, and dates - also to peel. Once a year, observe the Nirdjala Ekadashi. Nirjala means "waterless." On this day it is very important to refrain from any food and water. It is believed that if you missed any of the Ekadasi, but from the beginning to the end, you endured the Nirdjala Ekadashi - still get all the blessings in full. Swami Sivananda, the great doctor and teacher, wrote: "As gold is refined more and more after repeated melting, so does fasting purify the body and mind more and more, bringing peace and allowing the practitioner to reach the heights of meditation." Fasting ends on the morning of the next calendar day, about an hour after dawn. The table shows the exact time, in which it is best to have breakfast, if you live in Moscow. The first meal after Ekadasi should be easy and include products made from cereals.

If possible

Observing Ekadasi, one must listen to one's ownBody and act in its interests. Perhaps, you will not be able to withstand a strict 36-hour post immediately. Start with 10-12 hours and gradually increase the time. During Ekadasi and the next day, slight weakness is possible. But this is more than offset by a good mood, a sense of ease and calm for the next two weeks. Strengthen the overall health effect can be, taking daily triphal (Ayurvedic mixture of herbs, helping to cleanse the body) before going to bed.

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