In order to stand up in your hands, you do not needOnly strong hands, but also a good press, endurance, a developed sense of balance and strong legs. Therefore, if you decide to work on the stand on your hands, pay attention to these 5 asanas - they will help to come to the necessary form.

1. Pose of the dolphin. This is a beautiful pose: It perfectly tones the entire body, strengthens the press, shoulders, stretches the back surface of the legs and opens the chest, so it is advisable to perform it as often as possible. Stand on all fours and lower your elbows on the rug. Twist your fingers, bend your toes and lift your knees and hips from the rug. Lower your head, raise your hips even higher. Actively push the feet and elbows into the mat. Do 3 respiratory cycles. Then bend your knees and transfer weight to your forearms, barely touching the toes with your toes. After a few seconds, go back to the starting position. Do 10-15 repetitions.

2. Dog face up - Chaturanga - Dog snouting down. This vinyasa perfectly develops the strength andendurance. Inhale, go to the Dog face down: stand on all fours, keep your hands strictly at the width of the shoulders and completely rest them on the floor. Press your toes to the ground, straighten your knees and enter the pose. On exhalation bend your arms in the elbows and find yourself in Chaturanga (remember that the bent shoulders and elbows should be on the same level). Then inhale, push feet away from the floor, transfer the weight of the body more to the palm of your hand, straighten your arms and go to the Dog face up. Make about 6 circles. Be in each asana at least one breathing cycle.

3. Pose of the bar. If you do not have a good physicalPreparation, then Planck will help to fix this. Enter the Dog face up, on the inspiration, move the body forward so that the shoulders are above the wrists above the wrists, and the body - parallel to the floor. Push the front of the thighs up to the ceiling, resisting the coccyx: point it down to the floor and lengthen towards the heels. Stay in a pose from 30 seconds to 1 minute. It is desirable to make several approaches.

4. Pose of the tree. It is not enough to have strong hands - it is important not to fall whenYou will rise on them. To develop a sense of balance, practice the pose of the Tree. Focus the view on one point to fix the position. Lie with both feet in the ground, paying attention from the bottom up - to the crown. Make sure the press is turned on. Raise the right foot up and press to the left foot. You can press the foot above or below the knee (but never directly on it). Fold your hands together in front of the heart. You can stay like this or raise your arms up, as if they were branches of a tree. If everything is simple - cover your eyes. Take 5-10 breaths and breaths.

5. The scuffing dog faces down. Go into the Dog face down, do a fewBreathing and start making tiny steps towards the hands. Go to the palms of your hand and lay down in Uttanasana. Then start to move your feet back until you return to the starting position.

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