In the yard, spring is a beautiful, but treacherous timeOf the year: not only flowers and bugs awake from sleep, but also colds along with allergic reactions. In these harsh conditions, immunity has to fight valiantly for our health. But three months of winter without sun, vegetables and fruits make it extremely weak and vulnerable, and this reflects a colossal load on the body: we can feel fatigue, drowsiness, irritation and unreasonable sadness.

To somehow help your immune system, remember the following recommendations:

1. Regular walks

The decrease in immunity is seriously affected by "solarStarvation "and oxygen deficiency, so it is very important to walk at least 30 minutes a day, despite the weather. Well, if the sun came out on the street, then you need to urgently run for a walk for vitamin D. It is advisable to stay away from roads and highways, and best of all - go to the park.

It is very important to take warm clothes with you, becauseThe weather in most regions is contrasting, and the sun can still be replaced by cold wind and snow. This is the basic rule of the initial period of spring: dress warmly, do not sit on drafts and in general - remember all the instructions of grandmother and mother.

2. Proper nutrition

Avitaminosis is the most common causeWeak immunity. During the spring we use less fresh vegetables, fruits and greens, and if we do, we can not always guarantee their quality and naturalness. Hence we have a lack of vitamins A, B6, B9, C, so in the spring for your nutrition you need to follow as closely as possible. It is advisable to take tests, identify what elements you are missing and focus on them.

Firstly, always fully breakfast. Spring morning is not the time of day and year, when you need to be moderate in food. You must wake up the body and provide it with all the necessary vitamins. An excellent option - porridge with dried fruits, nuts and smoothies.

Secondly, consult a doctor, nutritionist or yoga instructor about the course of vitamins, which you can drink.

Well, and thirdly, do not forget about the good old spices: ginger, cinnamon, basil, coriander, which are perfectly disinfected and invigorating.

3. Physical activity

Perhaps in a state of fatigue and apathy, the movement- the last thing that comes to your mind. But in vain. Increasing the heart rate during exercise increases the flow of oxygen and strengthens not only muscles, but also immunity. Do not exhaust yourself, but morning exercises are just necessary.

4. Calm and good mood

Serious decrease in immunity is promoted byStresses that lie in wait for us everywhere, if we have a crippled nervous system. You can strengthen it with the help of herbs and essential oils of lemon balm, lavender, valerian, motherwort, coriander and others.

Give more time to meditation and try not toRespond to minor problems. Communicate with people who support you and understand, listen to energetic music, watch good movies and in any way stretch to everything positive.

5. Strong sleep

Be sure to get enough sleep. Collect all your will into a fist and go to bed no later than 11 pm. Even better, if you spend an hour relaxing before going to bed: take a bath, read a good book, spread a hand with cream and so on in a similar spirit. Because even if you fit into a bed at 11 o'clock nervous and inflated, you do not see a good dream until at least one in the morning. Think of a kind of ritual that you will perform before bedtime always, and each time he will give sleeping pills to the body.

These simple actions in a week will put you on your feet and improve your health not only physically, but also emotionally.

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