The doctrine of the "five elements" in Europe is associated withAristotle. In the ancient world there was an idea of ​​the four elements: water, earth, fire and air, of which the world is composed. According to the theory of Empedocles, moving vertically and horizontally, they are transformed into each other. Aristotle added to it the subtlest fifth element - "the fifth element" - the ether, which he contrasted with the other four, and without which harmony and balance in the world are inconceivable.

Later, the theory of the five elements arose in the teachingsDifferent philosophers around the world. It was associated with the Indian philosophy of gunas, the Indochinese concept of prana (ie, "energy", "life"), but all came to the fact that the harmony of all elements of nature that man seeks is love.

Everyone who created something in this world, evenThe simplest thing, understands that any elements can be combined by applying the newest technologies, but at the same time, forgetting about the fifth element, all efforts will lead to nothing. Recently, our editorial team met with an amazing company By-cosmetics, The plant and its laboratories are located in the town of Tegallalang on the island of Bali. Each of its products can be safely called a part of those very basic elements.

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WATER - Undoubtedly, the element in which life began. Algae, one of the first forms of life, have not changed over the millions of years of our planet's existence, and, most importantly, have preserved unique properties that no plant on land possesses. According to studies of The Royal Society of London, the history of seaweed use in medicine for the prevention and treatment of various diseases is rooted in the distant past. As a medical tool, they have become particularly popular since the Great Chinese Empire. Today by-cosmetics is the only company that uses algae in its production only in a live form, without subjecting them to thermal and chemical treatment. The main component of the face masks offered by the company is Spinosum algae - which, like the fresh aloe vera juice of Barbados, present there, intensively moisturize the skin, increase its tone and elasticity, stimulate blood microcirculation, smooth the color, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. For daily use fit mask Facelift and Beauty. Jelly-like, simple to use, perhaps, have only one "flaw", which only forgetful and lazy people will notice - the masks should be stored only in the refrigerator. A special place in this line is the Detox mask, whose name speaks for itself. Applying it twice a week, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face, you are guaranteed to ensure the purification process of the pores, in which all the impurities of the pores are absorbed. No synthesized substance will replace the lightness of the juice of natural aloe. By-cosmetics uses only fresh leaves. By the way, one of the legends about aloe is that Alexander the Great, who conquered the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean, where the aloe plantations were located, said: "These leaves not only cure, but will give life-giving moisture to each of us in any situation ..."

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EARTH - the element that gives birth to the gifts of nature that give usLife and joy. Unique plants, flowers and fruits for hundreds of years are the basis of the most popular cosmetics in the world. Perhaps the most unique combination of them in the composition of products by-cosmetics today can be found in the line of scrubs. The four most popular products of the company unite the main property - it's dry friable scrubs. Their advantage, first of all, is that, getting them, neither literally nor figuratively you will not have to overpay for water. Suffice it to recall that a wet lump of the same earth weighs more than dry. In the case when you buy the standard 100 grams of ready-made scrub, almost 80 of them are water, which is only an auxiliary basis.

It is easy to calculate and save on acquisitionMeans, in which you yourself can add the necessary amount of water. There is one more secret in the production of cosmetic products, which does not hide by-cosmetics: water in the composition of any natural product is a nutrient medium for the development of bacteria. To avoid this, almost all manufacturers have to add various preservatives and synthetic ingredients that prevent such development. One of the unchanging rules by-cosmetics says: "We give only a part of nature and nothing superfluous". Change this rule - change yourself. But the rules, especially those underlying the company's philosophy, do not change how the composition of the elements that gives birth to real gifts of nature does not change.


FIRE - the most mysterious and dangerous element, while,One of the most necessary for us. It is present in products by-cosmetics, but not as a result of heat treatment, but as the most legendary, scorching natural product on Earth - cayenne pepper. Its name is from the port city of Cayenne. Cultivated it convicts, deported from Europe. By the way, a distinctive feature of it, as many people know, who visited the plantations of cayenne pepper - a tendency to escape. The archival documents of the same city of Cayenne, dating back to 1690, say: "This plant grows as if it itself escapes from the plantations into the jungle. Time will pass, and it will run to other continents. " And it happened. Today cayenne pepper has become a traditional cultivated crop in many countries of the world, but it was in India, Thailand and Indonesia that he liked, most probably. It was here that he showed himself as a magician, preserving beauty. Its effect on the skin of the body is invaluable. First of all, it improves the circulation, activates the metabolism and has a lymphatic drainage effect. Ideally stimulates fluid outflow and removes toxins and slags, and also has a lifting effect. Therefore, he became the main component of anti-cellulite body mask from by-cosmetics, whose name - Cayenne - speaks for itself.

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AIR - the element of freedom. And if breathing is life, then free breathing is a wonderful life. The product line, whose name is hydrates, and there are four of them for by-cosmetics in stock for you - speaks for itself. Most importantly their purpose is to give the skin, literally, a breath of fresh air. The unique composition not only solves this problem, but also nourishes the skin in a balanced way for all that it needs throughout the day, besides, it protects it, which is especially necessary for the inhabitants of megacities. Many who have tried these tools call them "the air of Bali." Like practices that help openly breathe, by-cosmetics offers all its fans a unique system of facebuilding. Many often mistakenly believe that to get rid of a number of problems associated with skin aging, it is possible only through the use of injections or surgical interventions. There is another answer that lies on the surface: movement is life. Specially designed taking into account the lack of time for each of us in the modern world, the course can be mastered in a matter of days. Perhaps by-cosmetics facebuilding can become the basis of the right breathing of your face, which is more important not to help surgeons, but your careful attitude to yourself and your own hands.

FIFTH ELEMENT. Thousands of books have been written about him, they argue about him,Devote their whole lives, it is customary to speak of it silently. He, like Yoga, teaches us to heal something that can not be tolerated, and tolerate something that can not be healed. It is impossible to preserve beauty without love. It is impossible to create without love what gives her the ease of breathing. In a small factory, whose products we have told today, as well as all over the world, everyone can see almost the entire production process, see what the products are made of, learn a lot of "unclassified secrets" of nature, which in the bustle of modern life did not even think to pay Attention. It is important, of course, that all components of this cosmetics have the basis of elements listed in antiquity by philosophers. But, most importantly, there is a fifth element here - love. Love of the world, of beauty, of nature, of man. It became the main basis, uniting here all employees in one living organism. It may seem like a fairy tale, but everyone who works at a factory in Tegallalang, although they speak several languages, communicate more often with the sights and smiles of lovers in the world of people. Without this, observing only the technological process, perhaps, there would not be a real miracle in the means that they create. What can be more important than love, a part of which is shared with each by-cosmetics, creating their own means and revealing to everyone the magic secret of the island of Bali. The secret of the fifth and main element of beauty.


Author: Alexander Rusnak

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