pitzze, cicchetti, gelati, & wine bar




we begin with a natural Italian starter, organic flour, specially filtered water ... imported tomatoes, cheeses, and olive oil ... our sausages and cured meats are made just for us, and we source locally grown fresh produce when available ... and bake it in environmentally friendly anthracite coal ovens 



Photo Credit: ms.akr

salads, olives, salumi, and the freshest cheeses ... daily and seasonal soups, coal oven baked artisan rustic breads ...  fun to share coal oven small plates ...  our daily and seasonal offerings ... and try the rustic bread sandwiches that you will find on the lunch menu and cicchetti offerings



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each day, we make our gelato from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients ... our milk and dairy are shipped to us fresh from an organic farm in Wisconsin ... we use fresh seasonal fruits and other all natural ingredients ...  our dense and creamy gelato has half the fat of regular ice cream